COVID-19 Resources

How to Get Help

We have listed types of help below. When you tap on a category, you see another page. Each page has lists of community groups, businesses, and city departments and the help they give:

Reopening Guidance for businesses and workplaces is available here:

The federal government’s COVID-19 website has national information:

How to Help:

The Houston Health Department wants to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. They want you to use social distancing, which means staying away from groups of 10 or more if you will be in close contact with others.

It is important that we all slow down the spread of COVID-19. If you want to help, you should contact one of the organizations on this list instead of helping in-person.

If you have supplies to give, please send an email message to [email protected].

You can visit Houston’s COVID-19 website at for updated information. That site has information about risks and the things you can do to stay safe. The page also shares answers to common questions and rumors. There are also resources to share risk information, tips to help you be ready for emergencies like COVID-19, and more.